"Vanity, vanity; all is vanity".

Disavowal and Disclaimer: My only excuse is that I avow an understanding, though pitifully intellectual, that "the self", or at least my self, just doesn't exist, despite what it might have to say about it. Or, at least, it certainly doesn't exist apart from its comrade, you. Consequently, I hereby disavow any blame for constructing yet another of these irritatingly self-absorbed personal web pages... yeah, you know the type...

If you like wood and fine craftsmanship, you're in luck: Timothy Lydgate Boxes
Now, I add my own meager efforts at box-making: My Boxes!
For the dendrologically inclined: the Shrine To Acacia Koa
The Obsession de Jour: Rocks!
Mini-albums & *Movie Clips:

As you can see, I have thus far spared you any truly gruesome self-indulgences, such as lists of my favorite this-es and that-s, personal history, curricula vitae, investment (and other) philosophies, and so on.

But, alas, I make no guarantee that I never will; thus, revisit these pages at your own peril.

* A free Quicktime movie player for Windows or Macintosh computers may be downloaded from http://www.apple.com/quicktime/products/qt/ if you don't already have one.