My Boxes!

I realized at some point along the way that I had to learn how to make these boxes. It was just too tempting, the opportunity to be surrounded and working with these gorgeous woods.

The first, and essential aquisition in my new hobby was 130 board feet of very tasty 4/4 koa; I had told myself I'd get around to playing with it "someday", maybe after I'd retire, but with that wood in the garage, I couldn't resist its call for long... so a 10" cabinet table saw and 6x48" belt/12 disc sander soon followed.

Making boxes at this scale, the koa should last a long time... :-).

I've been very lucky so far to have the help of an accomplished artisan and teacher, support from my family, and simple good luck. I've averaged, roughly, a box a month since I started learning.

The ones shown here are my numbers five through nine. I hope eventually to include pictures of the first four efforts, along with descriptions of the particular lessons gleaned from each.

I gratefully acknowledge the fundamental design, by Timothy Lydgate, which these are patterned after. At some point , I'll experiment with other basic designs, but for now I'm contented to work within the constraints of this one, which I find so well suited to showing off the wood, wherein the real artist has been at work.

- Richard Geiger, June, 1998