This is such a pretty little box. I think the sunlight was a little brighter, and resulted in a really bright white background that makes the box stand out; it also really shows off the banding in the wood.

I like the color on this one; really bright and warm:

This one was in late afternoon sunlight. The shadow is awful, and it's underexposed overall, I think.

This one was taken the same time as the previous one; I gave it one dose of a "sharpen" filter that was meant to make it "crisper", but it also introduces some "graininess" (though, in digital photography, the is no "grain" per-se.). I was interested to see whether the warm yellowish sunlight and what it does to the side would pick up on the picture. Again, the shadow is not very flattering.

The camcorder strap made a guest appearence here. But I like the color that comes through here.