Washington Natrolite Dig, 5/1/2008


Wow, what a cool day. Up at 3:45 AM drive to Oakland airport, meet Paul. We arrive SEA at 8AM... Met by Joe George, his parter Jeff, and Noel Dedora. Picked up Joe's father Jack along the 1.5 hour trip to the quarry, made by

the logging companies to get gravel for their roads.

Pillow basalt, and the zeolite pockets are at the center of the pillows (but of course not most of them!).

In the course of the day, we hit two great pockets of Natrolite, some with and unidentified association, likely (I am told) Apophyllite. All concurred: mintY green! Also another mystery association, dubbed Jeffschwartzite for the interim...

They let me keep what is probably the best specimen of the day, a 15 x 8 cm plate of snow white radiating Natrolite needles. I will remain forever grateful to Mr. Schwartz for passing on his chance to have it.

These are very fragile specimens!

Joe and company wrapped about 8 flats of specimens, hiked the quarter mile back to the cars, and made it back to the airport just in time for our 7:50 flight back to Oakland, and back home around 11PM.

All in all a great day, one I will remember until my brain psuedomorphs to dust. Gratitude to all who were present, and without whom I’d have never had this opportunity!

The locality is being labelled as “Capital Forest, Shelton, Washintgon, United States”.