Some Things I'd like to Say


I'll start by admitting I don't know who you are, which makes me a little uncomfortable.

I find it much easier to write to a particular person, or even some particular group.

In part, this is because I want to please you, and that's so much easier if I have some idea who you might be.

If you disagree with me strongly, you might be offended by my views. I do not want to cause anybody distress.

But there are some things I've come to hold true, that I want to say. To be on the record. I tell myself it's because it might help you, but I know also that there is an element of pure ego that I will not deny. Maybe both elements are required to motivate me to do this...

For the moment, I'm going to leave this page as a message in a bottle, and not share the link to this (these) pages. At the smae time, it will be discoverable. If you've found it, I do hope there is something of value for you here.

More coming soon...